Astreea Safe

The World’s top-selling premium Hand Sanitizer Station

Introducing Astreea®, the World’s top-selling premium Hand Sanitizer Station, brought to you by Sidebar, your brandable PPE Specialists. Made entirely from medical grade stainless steel, this touchless, fully mechanical, and weather-resistant dispenser is the perfect solution for any public space or large office complexes.

Maintenance & Contract FREE

Completely hands free with no batteries to change

100% refillable with your own sanitizer, plus a Lifetime Warranty

Brandable with your company colors and logo (Pricing available)

This unique sanitizing station offers easy to use features and lifetime benefits:

  • Just remove the anti-theft screws and lift the top plate.

  • Quickly check hand sanitizer level.

  • Universal Fill reservoir with your preferred gel or liquid hand sanitizer product.

  • Entirely made of medical stainless steel, weather and age resistant plus rust free. Astreea® will endure heavy usage for years to come.

  • (option to bolt to the floor in high traffic areas)

  • Pedal operated to reduce cross-contamination.

  • Pedal operated to reduce cross-contamination.

*Aggressive multi-unit discounts available!

Need More Hand Sanitizer Gel? No Problem!

Although Astreea can use any hand sanitizer, Sidebar offers Astreea® Safe or Biosilk, which is of the Highest quality, made in the USA, and FDA approved. If you need sanitizer fast, Sidebar has it In stock now in convenient sizes.

"Astreea is not only well constructed to last a lifetime, it is fully customizable to reflect your brand and Sidebar has the tools to incorporate your brand on every Astreea® station…"

Why Sidebar?

Sidebar is an authorized reseller of a variety of PPE products designed for your business. We offer the ability to simply purchase these critical products off the shelf as is, or brand them to customize their appearance. Sidebar has a personalized team to serve your needs, simply call us and we’ll help you make the right purchase as you build out to meet CDC guidelines.

Personalize your Astreea Pedal Hand Sanitizer with your company’s logo and color(s).

Sidebar provides customizable Astreea Pedal Hand Sanitizers.
Click the colors below to see what your personalized station will look like.

*Aggressive multi-unit discounts available!